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Free Gardening Advice to Get You Growing

Whether you have a small, urban garden or plenty of acreage, our Sanctuary Soil blog offers plenty of free gardening advice.  Below are resources to help you build beautiful, more productive yards with delicious food plants and edible flowers, as well as healthy indoor gardens and fun winter craft projects. Sanctuary Soil is delighted to provide a wide range of how-to gardening information on a range of topics, including: […]

Lemon Verbena for Your Garden

Do you enjoy the taste of lemons? If so, lemon verbena (Aloysia triphyllaan) is a delightful addition to your herb garden.  The sweet lemon flavor and delicious fragrance from this delicate perennial add a nice touch to many foods and drinks.  […]

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Growing Lettuces and Salad Greens

Crisp, fresh lettuces and salad greens straight from the garden can’t be beat. Here at Sanctuary Soil, we’re always growing different fresh greens during the cooler months of spring and fall. These leafy green vegetables are easy to plant in containers like our Hula Planters (shown here) or straight in the garden. Following are a few tips for growing lettuces and salad greens. […]

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Growing Pansies: An Edible Flower

With spring officially here, pansies (Viola x wittrockiana) can be found growing in gardens nearly everywhere. And it’s easy to see why the cool-season flowers are so popular. Not only do the cheerful blossoms add old-fashioned charm to garden beds and containers, such as our Hula Planters. But the unsprayed pansy petals are also edible and can be added to your spring meals and drinks. Pansies are versatile plants. Whether the flowers are single colored, [...]

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Use Worm Castings for Healthy Gardens

More than 100 years ago, Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to study earthworms and their ability to improve soil quality and help plant growth.  These days, it’s quite clear that worm castings belong in healthy gardens everywhere. As the nation’s largest premium worm casting supplier, our parent company (California Soil) knows a lot about worms, and we’re certainly big fans of worm castings here at Sanctuary Soil. Here are five reasons why… [...]

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Effects of Rain on Soil Fertility – Guest Post by Gary Kline

The Pain of Rain by Gary Kline The pain of rain is mainly in the soil, but its effects are much further reaching. Any place that gets more than 25 inches annually of precipitation suffers loss of soil fertility, unless there is an accompanying amount of summer heat to evaporate much of the precipitation. The amount, kind and seasonal growth of the vegetation also figures into this. Here in Olympia, we get around 50 inches, [...]

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Vegetable Planting Guide For Sacramento and the Central Valley

If you are in California's Central Valley, here is a planting guide based on your specific area.  For a great resource, visit this site dedicated to Sacramento gardening. Sacramento's long growing season (240+ days) gives us two major vegetable planting periods— spring and  fall. This applies to most of California's central valley region as well.  As you'll see from the calendar below, however, there's actually something edible to plant every month of the year. In late winter to early spring, you'll [...]

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Make Gardening Fun With These Beginner Tips

Eggplant Blossom Gardening is a a pleasant hobby for people of any age.  There are many incentives for the gardener such as the visualization of a goal, the aroma of the soil and plants, fresh air and plenty of exercise. If you are a novice gardener, then here are some important basic gardening tips. You can generate a marvelous garden, irrespective of the available space. The only key to success is hard work [...]

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