There are worm castings, and then, there are Buckaroo Organic Worm Castings. These premium, artisan worm castings offer an excellent all-in-one soil amendment, which is OIM listed for organic gardening, and safe around children and pets.

Since the beginning of time, earthworms have converted organic matter into humus-rich soil with plant nutrients and revitalized soil biology. Worm castings are the “original” fertilizer, and they remain the purest and best quality plant foods today, adding beneficial microorganisms, nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

Buckaroo worm castings are carefully hand-crafted using a one-year process. We feed our worms a special balanced diet. Our primary feedstock is organic compost and humus instead of grains or other non-beneficial feed stocks. We hand-weed our worm beds rather than use heavy machinery which may contaminate our products and we regularly apply a proprietary blend of beneficial amendments to the worm beds.

The result is a superior product that is readily available to plants, and helps worn-out and depleted soils come alive in an all-natural, sustainably safe way.

Available Sizes: 25 pound bags, 1 yard super-sacks and truckloads


• We are the nation’s leading authority on worm casting production. No one can duplicate the process or facility or quality of our organic worm castings.

• OIM listed for organic gardening.

• Supplies Mother Nature’s “original” fertilizer. Supports natural “cycle of fertility” in your soil. Adds valuable plant nutrients, trace minerals and growth enhancers to your garden. Helps plants fight pests and pathogens.

• Odorless worm castings can be used indoors and outside. Ideal for vegetable gardens, house plants, flower beds, lawns, fruit trees and container gardens.

– Vegetable Gardens: Mix in 1/2 to 1 inch of worm castings into garden beds, or top-dress with 1 inch around plants. Reapply every 30 days with 1/2 inch of castings.

– Potting Soils: Add 1 part worm castings to every 4 parts of potting soils.

– House Plants and Flower Beds: Apply 1 inch of worm castings in early spring, and fall. Mix into top of soil for best results.

– New and Established Lawns: Use 10 pounds per 100 square feet.

– Fruit Trees: Till in 1/2 to 1 inch of worm castings under half the diameter of tree canopy.


Crafted with pride from worm castings, made with worms fed a healthy diet of composted forest products and other proprietary ingredients.


What is the feed stock of your worm castings?

Composted forest products

Are these real castings or verma-composted castings?

These are genuine worm castings.

What is the application rate for top dressing?

Between 1/2” and 1” tilled into the top of the container or bed

What is the application rate for amending and for making my own soil?

10% to 20%.

Can you make tea with Buckaroo castings, and if so what is the application rate?

Yes, you can make tea with Buckaroo. Mix 1 to 2 lbs of Buckaroo along with an equal quantity of a high-quality compost per 5 gallons of water for a great tea.