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Free Gardening Advice to Get You Growing

Whether you have a small, urban garden or plenty of acreage, our Sanctuary Soil blog offers plenty of free gardening advice.  Below are resources to help you build beautiful, more productive yards with delicious food plants and edible flowers, as well as healthy indoor gardens and fun winter craft projects. Sanctuary Soil is delighted to provide a wide range of how-to gardening information on a range of topics, including: […]

Use Worm Castings for Healthy Gardens

More than 100 years ago, Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to study earthworms and their ability to improve soil quality and help plant growth.  These days, it’s quite clear that worm castings belong in healthy gardens everywhere. As the nation’s largest premium worm casting supplier, our parent company (California Soil) knows a lot about worms, and we’re certainly big fans of worm castings here at Sanctuary Soil. Here are five reasons why… [...]

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Prevent Damping Off Disease in Seedlings

By Chris McLaughlin This year (and every year) an unknown number of gardeners will have their seedlings cut off at the knees by the dreaded damping off disease. Although it certainly doesn’t happen to me every year, when it does show up — the surprise assault always leaves my mouth hanging open.  […]

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Five Ways to Save Water in Gardens

Today, it’s never been more important to save water in gardens. With severe droughts in California and other parts of the United States, many communities are actually in danger of running out of water. We must rethink the way we irrigate our gardens.  Here are five better ways to save water in gardens… […]

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Buying Bulk Soil? Ask Questions First

Perhaps this is the year you finally grow vegetables in raised beds.  Or, maybe you’re digging into a new garden bed out back. You may just need to rejuvenate a large area of neglected soil in your yard.  But one thing is clear, you’re going to need more than a couple of bags of soil. You need bulk. Before you pick up the phone and start buying bulk soil, ask yourself a few questions first: [...]

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Crop Rotation for Healthy Vegetable Gardens

By Chris McLaughlin Rotating vegetable crops in your garden is one of the best organic techniques used to encourage healthy plant growth from season to season. There are two styles of crop rotation that you can apply; most gardeners find that both are beneficial depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s how they work… […]

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Gifts from the Garden: Herbal Vinegars

By Chris McLaughlin When it comes to giving from the heart, nothing does it better than the homemade variety; store-bought presents just can’t compete. Herbal vinegars are easy to make, inexpensive, beautiful and useful. Plus the herb combination is unique to both its creator and recipient. […]

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