You won’t need a lot of space to grow this herb garden in our Hula planter.  Sage, rosemary and thyme are nestled together here to provide Mediterranean-inspired flavors to your summer meals. 

Grow this Herb Garden

rosemary, sage and thyme growing in herb garden This herb garden is easy and fast to plant for your home. It features three herbs that like similar growing conditions: sage, rosemary and thyme. Native to the Mediterranean, these aromatic and edible plants thrive in full sun, warm temperatures and arid soil. Give these herbs at least six hours of sunlight daily.

Plant your herbs in an appropriate potting soil, not regular garden soil that may not allow proper drainage. We recommend Victory Blend Garden Soil for your herb garden.

All three herbs require excellent drainage, as provided by our Hula planter.  This patent-pending design also encourages healthy plant roots, which don’t become root-bound in the container.

Even though these herbs are drought-tolerant when established, they still require periodic watering especially in dry weather and when grown in containers.

To keep these plants small, be sure to harvest them frequently for meals. Eventually, you may want to transplant them into the garden bed or into separate containers for the best long-term growth of these plants.

Eating and Enjoying these Herbs

Place this herb garden near your kitchen door, and experiment with these renowned culinary herbs in your cooking.  cut pieces of rosemary, sage and thyme from herb garden.

Thyme (bottom of photo) is one of the most versatile herbs for cooking. We use the tiny leaves for everything from soups and dips to casseroles. This popular herb is an integral ingredient in Herbes de Provence.

Rosemary leaves (upper left of photo) are delicious on top of mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and roasted chickens. We sometimes use the rosemary stems as mini skewers for the grill. The aroma is heavenly.

Sage (upper right of photo) is delicious with turkey stuffing and sausages; best of all, the herb helps with the digestion of fatty foods. No wonder it’s so popular at Thanksgiving. You can learn a lot more about growing and harvesting sage.

However you decide to enjoy this herb garden, we know you’ll be delighted with the results. Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs in the kitchen.

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