If you are in California’s Central Valley, here is a planting guide based on your specific area.  For a great resource, visit this site dedicated to Sacramento gardening.

Sacramento’s long growing season (240+ days) gives us two major vegetable planting periods— spring and  fall. This applies to most of California’s central valley region as well.  As you’ll see from the calendar below, however, there’s actually something edible to plant every month of the year. In late winter to early spring, you’ll generally plant warm-season vegetables like tomatoes, melons, corn  and beans. By mid to late summer, you’ll be knocking on neighbors’ doors with surplus veggies.

By late summer to early fall, our second, cool-season crop goes in the ground. Successive plantings, selecting “bolt-” or heat-resistant and cold-resistant varieties, cold frames and varying degrees of shade all allow you to push the planting calendar. Ambitious gardeners can start vegetables from seed. Convenience-driven gardeners can wait for small, ready-to-plant vegetable seedlings to show up in nurseries. Procrastinators should look for gallon-size veggies and herbs later in the planting season. – sacramentogardening.com

vegetable planting guide for Sacramento, CA