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Free Gardening Advice to Get You Growing

Whether you have a small, urban garden or plenty of acreage, our Sanctuary Soil blog offers plenty of free gardening advice.  Below are resources to help you build beautiful, more productive yards with delicious food plants and edible flowers, as well as healthy indoor gardens and fun winter craft projects. Sanctuary Soil is delighted to provide a wide range of how-to gardening information on a range of topics, including: […]

Patio Tomatoes to Grow

Photo by Susy Morris/Flickr If you dream of growing tomatoes, but only have a tiny garden … don’t give up hope. A wide variety of tomatoes can be grown in containers, from dwarf patio tomatoes to sprawling indeterminate tomatoes. In this article, we focus on some of our favorite smaller tomato varieties that can be grown in a Hula planter. Check it out! […]

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Lemon Verbena for Your Garden

Do you enjoy the taste of lemons? If so, lemon verbena (Aloysia triphyllaan) is a delightful addition to your herb garden.  The sweet lemon flavor and delicious fragrance from this delicate perennial add a nice touch to many foods and drinks.  […]

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Growing Lettuces and Salad Greens

Crisp, fresh lettuces and salad greens straight from the garden can’t be beat. Here at Sanctuary Soil, we’re always growing different fresh greens during the cooler months of spring and fall. These leafy green vegetables are easy to plant in containers like our Hula Planters (shown here) or straight in the garden. Following are a few tips for growing lettuces and salad greens. […]

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Growing Fava Beans

by Robin Haglund, CPH Fava beans are beautiful edible plants for your vegetable garden. Not only do fava beans feed you, but they also feed your garden -- in more ways than one! Fava beans are the ideal vegetable garden plant for many reasons. They produce delicious edible beans. Fava shoots are tasty too. The plants are beautiful and attract bees and hummingbirds. And, as members of the bean family, favas have the ability to [...]

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Warm Weather Veggie Gardens

By Jenny Peterson I confess, I’m somewhat of a new veggie gardener. I had a big vegetable garden when I was a young mother, and for whatever reason since then, I have not grown a lot of food. Until I moved in with my fiancé two years ago, that is — he has a full acre with lots of sun, so we’ve had a good time building raised beds and experimenting with different vegetables and [...]

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Four Top Vegetables for Container Gardens

By Jodi Torpey No space for a large garden bed? No problem! It’s easy-peasy to grow your own peppers, tomatoes and squash in containers on your patio, balcony or deck. Here are my top four vegetables for container gardens this season. […]

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Mission Olive Oil Gets Buckaroo Boost

Nestled in the heart of California’s wine country, Soledad Mission is located in the picturesque Salinas Valley. On the grounds of this historic Catholic mission, founded in 1791, Mission Olive Oil is being made from heritage olive trees. Learn how Sanctuary Soil’s Buckaroo worm castings are helping to revitalize this special and sacred soil. Photo copyright Mission Soledad. […]

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