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Gifts from the Garden: Herbal Vinegars

By Chris McLaughlin When it comes to giving from the heart, nothing does it better than the homemade variety; store-bought presents just can’t compete. Herbal vinegars are easy to make, inexpensive, beautiful and useful. Plus the herb combination is unique to both its creator and recipient. […]

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Prepping Houseplants for Long Winter’s Nap

By Jenny Peterson Many of us like to take our houseplants or tropicals outside during the warmer months for a bit of a vacation — after all, everybody likes fresh air and warm sun, don’t they? But taking these tender plants back in for the cooler months is a bit of an art form in itself. In order to protect them and get them ready for this change in their environment, here are a few [...]

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Norfolk Island Pines are Easy Care Houseplants

By Jodi Torpey “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” is a saying I’ve heard for many years, but it didn’t hit home until earlier this year. That’s when I saw the heights my little Norfolk Island pine could reach. In their natural subtropical habitat, like Sydney, Australia, these trees can grow to more than 80-feet tall. They’ve had a long history as landmark and ceremonial plantings since Captain James Cook first made record of them [...]

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Meet the Sanctuary Soil Garden Writers Team

At Sanctuary Soil, we’re committed to providing educational and entertaining information about gardening to the general public. And that’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to the new Sanctuary Soil Garden Writers Team for our blog. This talented group of writers includes book authors, landscape designers and certified professional horticulturists from California, Colorado, Texas and Washington State.  Whether they are writing about growing herbs or house plants, these women will share their favorite gardening [...]

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Grow Food in Fall and Winter

Would you like to grow food in fall and winter? We know it can be a bit more challenging if you don’t happen to live in a moderate climate such as California, where Sanctuary Soil is headquartered. But don’t despair! Even in cold climates, you can grow and enjoy fresh foods all year long. Here are some quick tips and resources that might help. […]

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Happy Halloween and Pumpkins

From all of us here at Sanctuary Soils, here’s wishing you and your family a Happy Halloween. We love this time of year and consider pumpkins some of the most enduring and attractive symbols of autumn. That’s why we’re sharing a few quick growing tips – as well as pumpkin recipes.  These healthy and delicious seasonal foods deserve to be celebrated in our homes and meals now. […]

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Apples for the Picking

There’s a very good reason why “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Rich in antioxidants, fiber and healthy phytochemicals, apples are delicious home-grown ingredients at this time of year.  Apples are simply the perfect fall fruit. Here are some of Sanctuary Soil’s favorite apple recipes, as well as a few gardening resources. […]

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Kitchen Community Connects Kids to Gardening

It’s no secret that many children in the United States aren’t eating enough fresh vegetables, or spending enough time outdoors in the garden. That’s exactly what the Kitchen Community, a 501c3 nonprofit, is working hard to change.  All photos copyright the Kitchen Community, except the Victory Brand image. […]

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Welcome to Sanctuary Soil’s Redesigned Blog

Thanks for visiting... It’s with great pleasure that we unveil this new, redesigned gardening blog at Sanctuary Soil & Feed. Over the upcoming months, look for a wide range of stories about everything from growing foods organically to designing cool container gardens. In upcoming issues, you’ll read about: Inspiring school programs that are teaching kids to garden and enjoy vegetables. Tips for growing and enjoying healthy seasonal foods without dangerous chemicals. Practical, how-to advice for [...]

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