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Exotic Plants for Hula Perfect Planters

We searched the globe to find these rather unusual, exotic plants for our Hula Perfect Planters. For instance, this Carex testacea is native to New Zealand. Growing about two feet tall, the arching sedge has the most vivid orange coloring in winter with full sun. Give this orange carex moderate water and moist, well-drained soil. More unique, colorful plants to consider… […]

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Veggie Gardening in Mild Climates

By Jenny Peterson If you are lucky like I am, you live in a mild climate that allows you to garden year-round. Now, come August when we are expiring from 100+ degree heat here in Austin, Texas, I don’t feel so lucky — but in sunny January, I’ll take it! Like many people, I’ve mostly concentrated on warm weather veggies in that part of my garden. But in the last few years, I’ve become more [...]

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Buying Bulk Soil? Ask Questions First

Perhaps this is the year you finally grow vegetables in raised beds.  Or, maybe you’re digging into a new garden bed out back. You may just need to rejuvenate a large area of neglected soil in your yard.  But one thing is clear, you’re going to need more than a couple of bags of soil. You need bulk. Before you pick up the phone and start buying bulk soil, ask yourself a few questions first: [...]

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Crop Rotation for Healthy Vegetable Gardens

By Chris McLaughlin Rotating vegetable crops in your garden is one of the best organic techniques used to encourage healthy plant growth from season to season. There are two styles of crop rotation that you can apply; most gardeners find that both are beneficial depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s how they work… […]

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Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

By Jenny Peterson. Most of us don’t garden as much over the winter months, particularly those of us who live in colder climates. The snow covers everything, and even our milder climates can get pretty chilly. But diehard gardeners needn’t hang up their gloves and trowels until April — there’s plenty of indoor gardening to be had, beginning with herbs. Here’s what you need to know to get started with an indoor herb garden. [...]

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Vegetable Garden Planning Tools

By Jodi Torpey In January the empty vegetable bed sits like a blank canvas, just waiting to be transformed into an edible masterpiece. When planted with the right combination of colors and textures, this once barren spot will become a thing of beauty. The quiet of winter is the perfect time to look at your blank canvas and plan your next vegetable masterwork. Here are some garden planning tools to get you started. […]

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Growing, Preserving and Cooking with Sage

By Chris McLaughlin I met sage on the day I started my first proper herb garden. I was 25 and had a couple of kids dancing around my ankles the whole time I was planting. In an infant herb garden, where young rosemary looks like thin, aged fingers and chives resemble nearly invisible strands of baby hair, sage with her broad, colorful, pebbly leaves becomes a satisfying focal point. Throughout the summer I discovered that [...]

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Harvest Carrots All Year Long

By Robin Haglund, CPH There’s one garden crop I’m almost always able to forage from my garden – tasty carrots. When it’s hot in summer, this root vegetable rarely tries to flower. When it’s cold – even freezing cold – its top growth may whither, but those roots just get all the sweeter from the chill. In spring and fall, I’m savoring the baby carrots best thinned intermittently in order to maximize growing space for [...]

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LEAF Connects Community to Local Foods, Sustainability

Sanctuary Soil is honored to have our Empire Builder premium soil used by Local Ecology and Agriculture Fremont (LEAF). The non-profit organization provides environmental education to the Fremont, California community about sustainability, local foods, organic gardening, green building and more.  All photos copyright LEAF. […]

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