By Jodi Torpey

In this post, I explain how to create a stylish vine wreath to decorate for the season or to leave unadorned to enjoy its simple form.

This trumpet vine makes a fine vine wreathEver since I was a kid, I’ve loved to bring the outdoors inside. My childhood bedroom held a great collection of colorful rocks, found feathers and pretty autumn leaves.

My fascination with the natural world continued once I had a place of my own. I filled it with bent twig furniture, birdhouses and all kinds of wreaths. And I haven’t stopped yet.

I’ve often wished for grapes growing in the garden, just so I could clip their gnarly vines and turn them into art. But I’ve found other vines—like Trumpet vine—can be twisted into shape to make a striking wreath, too.

Materials for Vine Wreath

6-8 lengths of vine (skinnier are easier to work with)

Florist (or other bendable) wire

Floral picks (optional)

Assorted seed heads, dried flowers, pinecones, garlic, pepper pods, berries and other natural decorations from the garden Materials to make vine wreath

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Craft paint and small brush (optional)

Ribbon or raffia (optional)

Directions for Vine Wreath

1. Use pruners or knife to clip long lengths of vine.

2. Place vines in bathtub and cover with water; let vines soak until they can bend without breaking (may take 24 hours).

3. Take 4 or 5 vines and bend them to form a circle of any size; wire together tightly.

4. Continue adding one vine at a time by placing one end under the wire and weaving it around the circle. Use wire to help hold vines in place.

(Note: The charm of a vine wreath like this is in its imperfections.)

5. Let wreath dry and then get crafty.

A vine wreath that is not yet decorated6. Paint decorations (if desired) and let them dry before attaching them to the wreath with hot glue or wire. If you have multiple flower or grass stems, tie them to a floral pick and insert the pick at an angle into the wreath. Hot glue into place.

(Note: You might like to cover only part of the wreath to let the beauty of the vines show through.)

7. Finish with a ribbon and bow, if you like.

Hang the vine wreath on the inside front door (like I do) or another prominent place. If you can bear to part with it, give it to someone who’ll appreciate a special homegrown, handmade gift.