How to Create The Best Garden Soil

A healthy garden requires the best garden soil available. The best soil for your garden is home to a wide variety of living things. Unlike dirt often found in urban areas, a healthy, fertile soil looks, feels and smells very rich and “earthy”. Encouraging organisms (fungi, bacteria and other beneficial micro-organisms) to thrive in garden soil is exactly what we gardeners ought to be doing.
Organic gardening soil is teeming with life. A tablespoon of healthy soil may contain up to 600 million bacteria, a mile or more of fungal filaments (if they could be laid end to end), 10,000 protozoa and scores of nematodes (microscopic worms). All these life forms milling around your plants roots provide crucial nutrients to the plant. Many plants convert 20 percent to 40 percent of their energy from photosynthesis to root exudates (products) that actually feed soil microbes.

Many gardeners have never heard of mycorrhizal fungi, yet many garden plants are intimately familiar with this crucial group of soil fungi. These tiny fungal organisms grow inside root tissue and out into the soil. In return for a little of the plant’s sugar and amino acids, the fungus vastly improves a plant’s uptake of phosphorus, micronutrients and water. Mycorrhizal fungi even help protect plant roots from harmful pathogens. Truly amazing things go on in the dark, moist confines of a healthy soil.

Custom Soil Blends:

Every crop makes large demands of your soil. Environmental factors such as water, climate change, and present soil composition often create a unique set of hurdles to overcome. At Sanctuary Soil and Feed we offer custom blends of soil ammendments that are specifically tailored to meet the specific requirements of growing your crop at your specific location. Call us today to discuss the soil ammendments available to optimize your crop yield.

How do we improve a lifeless, unproductive garden soil? Add soil amendments such as organic worm castings. Winter is an ideal time to add amenders to your soil. Over time, organic matter such as compost, shredded leaves or manure products changes the structure and vitality of a poor lifeless soil. Incorporating 3 to 4 inches of organic matter into your garden will loosen a clay soil, increase the water- and nutrient-holding capacity of any soil and, most importantly, greatly increase soil microbial activity.

Premium Worm Castings

A Unique Blend of Experience and Special Ingredients.

Premium Worm Castings









We use a proprietary blend of organic amendments and minerals to produce a top of the line casting for your plants. We can also blend a mineral balanced casting specifically for your plants.


Soil Sulfur

Lower pH Levels. Improve Crop Composition & Yield.

We offer enriched Soil Sulfur which will effectively lower the pH levels of your soil to invigorate the many types of crops produced in our region.  The most productive soils have a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0. Adding inexpensive agricultural soil sulfur every 4 to 6 years helps maintain a desirable soil pH. Ideally, application of lime should be based on a soil test. Gardeners can have their soil tested at most local gardening centers that sell Sanctuary Soil products.