Finally, an alternative to overpriced cookie dough and wrapping paper (fundraisers I have boycotted for most of my children’s school years).

Sanctuary Soil and Feed is proud to support our schools through a partnership with Jeannie Williams, owner of Gardens 4 Education.  We will be providing our own Empire Builder soil for these wonderful garden kits.  Gardens 4 Education is a new fundraising opportunity for schools which will enable schools to raise the funds they need and at the same time inspire a love of gardening in both children and adults as they learn how to grow their own nutrition.

Gardens 4 Education Fundraising Garden

We are excited to work with Jeannie.  Her passion for gardening and sharing that knowledge with children is inspiring, and we are proud to be a part of her program.

More about Jeannie:

My name is Jeannie Williams. I have a small farm in Hanford, California where I run a hands on agriculture program called Discovery Gardens. See I grow many of the same varieties offered in the Pizza Gardens. My advisers are agronomists specializing in organic and bio dynamic methods. I have learned the tricks to growing a successful garden which I pass on in my organic gardening classes. Our 100 square foot gardens average about 400 pounds of produce in a 6 month season. I plan to film our Gardens 4 Education video demos during the 2012 Discovery Gardens classes.

My Vision:
Gardens 4 Education will be the quintessential spring fundraiser. Schools across the country will raise the funds they need and at the same time inspire a love of gardening in both children and adults as they learn how to grow their own nutrition. The gardens and print materials are Made in USA. Gardens 4 Education will benefit the local economy by increasing sales for stores that sell garden related products.

Everybody Wins!

Schools will benefit from this program because it starts with one of the highest profit margins of all the major fundraisers, 50% upfront and with zero risk to the school because there are no minimum orders or shipping fees. Plus the school will also receive a portion of the advertising revenue in the form of a rebate check.

The fundraiser coordinators like it because it’s easy to manage, only one item for sale and with option of local pick up there is no minimum order. Free shipping is available for large orders of 200+ gardens within delivery area.

Parents like it because it promotes healthy eating, and doesn’t require refrigeration like the cookie dough fundraiser does. When the parents pick up the gardens their children sold they just need to keep them watered and on a shaded patio until they can be delivered, they do not have to be delivered same day.

Consumers like it because it’s a good value and it’s something many people were going to buy anyway. Every spring people flock to garden centers to buy 6 cell packs of garden vegetables. Now these 6 cell packs typically cost about $3.00 but are only one variety. To have a diverse garden one must purchase multiple 6 cell packs or you can buy individual plants for about $2.00 each. So, 6 different plants will cost about $12.00. Gardens 4 Education is a good value because each garden kit contains 6 different plants in a reusable garden tote and has a sales price of $12.00. This fundraiser pays for itself. One tomato seedling planted in good soil can easily grow 10-20 pounds of tomatoes.