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Birder Alert | The Flicker | Gary Kline Guest Blogger

BIRDER ALERT - BIRDER ALERT Here is another article by Gary Kline, recalling another bird out of his boyhood, the Flicker. Two Flickers (hopefully a mating pair) were seen lately (February 2012) at Black Lake Organic, but this article comes out of notes from a February 2011 sighting at Gary and Suzanne’s home. We hope you enjoy reading about the Flicker. Flickering Sounds After a long absence, we have a Flicker in our neighborhood - [...]

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More Than Snow Falls

More Than Snow Falls by Gary Kline We were doing just fine in the winter of 2011-2012 until the snows of mid-January. Not that they weren’t pretty and we hadn’t sort of missed the winter whiteness (just one light and fleeting snowfall back in November), but these snows brought trouble. Bush and tree limbs were bowed practically to the ground from the snowfall on the 16th. I was headed out back to put braces in [...]

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