Real World Results. Ongoing Innovation.

Sanctuary Soil is a brand of California Soils, the largest producer of organic worm castings in North America.  Our 200-plus acre production facility is located in Vernalis, California, which is the heart of the nation’s largest farming area.

In 2010, Sanctuary Soil began offering premium, artisanal soils and amendments as bagged products through authorized dealers in California.

Sanctuary Soil’s products are hand-crafted based on many years of research, field trials and work with large commercial growers. That’s why we know these artisanal premium planting solutions will work well in your home garden.

Quality Matters!

All of our soil garden products reflect the highest agricultural standards, and several are certified organic (OIM & OMRI listed).

With a mission to revitalize and re-mineralize as many garden and farm soils as possible, Sanctuary Soils works continuously on cutting-edge soil research and product innovations. This allows us to ensure the highest quality of our offerings and drive new developments that improve your gardening experience.

Respect for Past:

Centuries-old, organic gardening techniques inspire our soils and growing mixes, as well as the latest growing techniques and scientific research. You’ll see the difference this unique holistic approach can bring to your garden, once you start planting with Sanctuary Soils.

Ongoing Quality Control:

Every single step of the production process is painstakingly monitored at our facilities. This allows Sanctuary Soil to craft the highest quality growing products while reducing our environmental footprint in the world.

We Really Know Worms!

As the largest premium worm casting facility in North America, we’re spearheading improvements in the ways these castings are produced and harvested at our beds. We feed our worms well, and they return the favor with Mother Nature’s “original fertilizer” that delivers proven results.