Dutchman Ultra-Premium Expanded Coco-Coir is an all-natural, organic listed soil amendment that is ideal for indoor hydroponic mixes or systems. We start with the highest quality coco coir made of coconut husk and triple-washed with R.O. water to 150 ppm or less and buffered for quality results. This earth-friendly amendment has excellent water-holding and draining properties to help you grow nutritious, high quality and high performing plants.

Available Sizes: 2 cubic foot bags, 400 gallon super-sacks and truckloads.


• OIM listed organic and Clean Green Certified to reflect the highest agricultural standards as well as national and international standards.

• Works in all hydroponic systems and encourages healthy root growth.

• Plant directly in this expanded coco-coir, or amend it with your favorite ingredients. Water as needed and feed with a water-soluble fertilizer with a pH 5.6 to 6.3.


Crafted with pride from expanded, triple-rinsed coco-coir.


What is the PPM/TDS of your coco?

Around 150 or less.

What is the pH ofyour coco?

Around 6.7 pH.

How frequently can I feed/water Dutchman Coco-coir?

Up to once a day or as needed.

Why is your coco so fluffy?

The fluffiness is due to our proprietary material preparation process.

Is your coco RHP Certified?

No, as RHP is a certification used by the Dutch for agricultural products grown, produced or used in the Netherlands. Sanctuary processes to a higher standard, which is the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Organic Input Material (OIM).