Carefully mixed with the finest coco coir, perlite and paramagnetic lava rock, Big City Hydro Mix is a premium, artisanal blend for indoor hydroponic gardens. This organic listed soil amendment provides a perfect blend of water retention and drainage to support root growth and ensure higher yielding plants. Big City Hydro-Mix is triple-washed and pH buffered to ensure the finest quality.

Available Sizes: 2 cubic foot, 400 gallon super-sacks and by the truckload


• Suitable for all hydroponic and soilless systems.

– Fill well-draining container with Big City Hydro-Mix. You can line bottom of container with lava rock or hydroton clay balls to aid drainage.

– Feed soil with water-soluble fertilizer solution at pH 5.8 to 6.3.

– Transplant prepared container with well-rooted cuttings, seedlings and plants.

– Water plants as needed with fertilizer balanced at pH 5.8 to 6.3

• Ideal for heavy feeding plants.

• Based on years of soilless research in greenhouses, field trials and with commercial growers.


Crafted with pride from coco coir, coco chunk, coco chip, perlite and paramagnetic lava rock.


What is the pH of Big City?

Around 6.5 pH.

What is theTDS/PPM of Big City?

Below 150.

What are the benefits of your lava rock?

Media stability and drainage augmentation.

How frequent can I water /feed Big City?

Up to once a day.

Can I use this as a base for making my own soil?

Yes, as it has a great coco-base.